7 Marzo 2016

Marcus Mariota and the seemingly Terrible

Marcus Mariota and the seemingly Terrible Marcus [Mariota] And the seemingly Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Not ideal considering he was supposed to be healthy lately and has been underperforming so far this season. Is it going to be hard to trust him moving forward? Yea, maybe. But there are some good things here, too.306 Passing yards 22 completions, 11 incompletions 1 pass TD 5 rushing yards 1 rushing TDThe important thing, I think is that the Steelers pass defense is absolutely stellar, And outside of the, This would have been a decent outing for Mariota. Say he gets 1, Maybe 2 INTs instead and the score stayed the same, Is this game judged differently? Maybe he runs 1 2 more plays and grabs 10 15 more yards on the ground? And I know, He didn do those things. It didn look great. That all being said, Perhaps people need not be too high on him going into IND, HOU, ARZ, SF, But also don be too low. He should be a quality streamer those weeks considering all the QB injuries out there and may do pretty well considering the 300 yards against the top 5 pass defense that the Steelers field every game. If you like it, You do you, But it’s still ridiculous and it absolutely doesn’t “Balance out” In any way. Bell is the best RB in football and he may not have more than one 40 yard play all season. Some random awful dudes probably have a few. It’s not like it adds excitement. You still get a ton of points for long plays as is. Literally all it does is make a few random players get a few more random points for not necessarily doing anything better than another guy. No clue why a guy who caught a 40 yard pass and a 10 yard pass deserves more points than a guy who caught two 30 yard passes. I was just trying to start some decent conversation instead of the usual “OMG F THIS GUY” or “MY GUY IS THE GREATEEEEST” Type stuff. I think for Fantasy Football purposes, The game wasn as terrible as it definitely looked like live and that he will likely be better due to match ups moving forward. Just need to temper ROS expectations while also not rage dropping him needlessly. People who drafted him or picked him did so because the threat to use his legs keeps him relevant. And we wanted a top 10 or top 15 guy. With Murray struggling we should all hope they let him run a bit more. He having trouble breaking the first tackle and getting that 3 extra YAC that the team really needs to get drives going. They really need to think about leaning more toward Henry. He looked really good in some of his runs and seemed to hype up the offense. There was one in the beginning where he saw the hole close up and immediately ran outside stiff arming like 3 defenders before getting tackled. The narrative that Murray is the better all around back b/c he a better pass catcher does not matter. They being forced to use that since they down all the time. And that fallback is clearly not working out for them. For the team it sucks; As for fantasy it provides murray with a semi decent floor I guess?

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